Gender Pay Gap reporting


Gender pay gap reporting was introduced in 2017 to highlight the difference in average earnings of men and women. All employers who have more than 250 employees must submit annual reports detailing the following figures;

  • 1. Average gender pay gap as a mean average.
  • 2. Average gender pay gap as a median average.
  • 3. Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average.
  • 4. Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average.
  • 5. Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and proportion of females receiving a bonus payment.
  • 6. Proportion of males and females when divided into four groups ordered from lowest to highest hourly rate of pay.

  • Gender pay gap calculation results

  • 1. Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean: 93.1% Male Dominance
  • 2. Difference in hourly rate of pay – median: 41.7% Male Dominance
  • 3. Difference in bonus pay – mean: 0% (No bonuses given)
  • 4. Difference in bonus pay – median: 0% (No bonuses given)
  • 5. Percentage of employees who received bonus pay:0% (No bonuses given)
  • 6. Employees by pay quartile:-
  • Lower Quartile - Women - 1.4% Men - 98.6%
  • Lower Middle Quartile - Women - 1.7% Men - 98.3%
  • Upper Middle Quartile - Women - 1% Men - 99%
  • Top Quartile - Women - 0.7% Men - 99.3%

  • Written Statement

    Boost pay are a fully compliant umbrella company and we provide payroll services to contractors and temporary workers in the UK. As an umbrella company we have little to no control over the gender makeup of the workers we provide services to. This is because the worker is chosen by the company or agency who then in turn request we provide our services to that worker.

    The construction industry has always been heavily male dominated, with Unite (the union) stating in an interview with the Guardian in 2015 that 11% of the entire construction industry consists of women and only 1% of all on site workers are female. When looking at umbrella company gender pay gap results, this is a factor that must be considered and this significant difference can be seen in our results displayed above.

    Boost pay are proud of our positive and values-based culture. We have a diverse workforce, with 60% of all staff being women and 3 of the 5 senior and management positions being occupied by women. Supporting and maintaining this inclusive workplace is important to us and we allow all employees to reach their maximum potential regardless of gender or background.

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