Our Story So Far

Our Founder

Eileen Breeze created Boost Pay in December 2009 after 10 years working in the industry. Her goal was to create a business that provides a compliant and comprehensive service whilst still being beneficial to it's customers.
Thanks to her wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership, Boost Pay is now competing on a national level, thriving despite the UK’s troubled financial past. In 2017 alone, we paid over 11,000 contractors. Having more than quadrupled in size and turnover increasing year on year, our turnover is now in excess of £100 million annually.
A partner you can trust

In today's rapidly changing market place, more people are taking up freelance and temporary assignments and reaping the benefits that come with them.

Our suite of payroll options will ensure that you get the solution tailored to your needs.


We offer self-employed options for all your freelancing needs - giving you the flexibility and time to focus on your work without the administrative burden.

Whether you are CIS or a sole trader, we can offer you a solution to make the most out of your assignment. Take the time to discuss your personal situation with us and we will advise you on your options so you can make an informed decision on how you are paid.
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A simple and effective solution enabling you to make the most of your earnings through a PAYE option, with benefits to help you BOOST your pay.

Its quick and easy to set up, and with competitive rates and industry leading service levels you are in good hands . Umbrella is the simple solution that enables you to claim expenses where allowable, retain employee rights and there are no worrying tax demands at year end.
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Our PAYE is the option if you wish to outsource your payroll - thus reducing your overheads and your administrative burden.

It is a great solution that calculates everything for you, enabling us to either let you know the exact amounts due to your employees and HMRC or, alternatively, we can make the payments for you. You will get all the administration done as well - payslips and pension enrolment.
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