Don't Settle for second best

At Boost Pay, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible to service to all of our customers.

Our service consists of;
    Icon Quick, easy and stress-free registration.
    Icon No joining or leaving fee.
    Icon Comprehensive, HMRC approved payroll system.
    Icon Friendly, Professional and honest advice.
    Icon Customer Services team available to assist you by phone, text and email.
    Icon Payment remittances produced for each payment and sent the same day.
    Icon SMS Notification of payment sent every Thursday.

You also get the following as standard whilst you are paid by Boost Pay;
Icon Public Liability insurance
Icon Employers Liability insurance

Legal and compliance

Aspire Business Partnership

Working with our associates at Aspire, Boost Pay are able to operate on a level of compliance our competitors can't.

With their experienced team including Alan Nolan, a former HMRC investigator, we receive the most concise information allowing us and our customers to rest easy knowing it is in good hands. We also have an in-house compliance officer to ensure our staff are fully aware of new legislation and keep the cogs turning.


Tasker Insurance

We understand the importance of insurance.

That's why we work with Tasker Insurance to put in place comprehensive insurance policies. Contact us to find out more.